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So what's LIQUOR BOX all about ???

“Guilty Treasures”

What happens when a group of musically trained Southern California, self confessed brats, get together to blast out big guitar driven rock?  Hmmm… fun?  Yes.  Volume?  Yes.  Energy?  Yes.  Intensity?  Yes.  Irreverence?  You bet.
But… The real answer is:  You get…  LIQUOR BOX
LIQUOR BOX is a bunch of school friends, all in different bands, who got together “just for fun” to play loud and hard on Sunday afternoon’s at the local middle school gym (Ty’s mom is a teacher there).  They found that they liked the same kinds of music and that they all had a like minded attitude toward rock music, that it should be brash, loud, witty, fun, and most of all to rock the house. 

They sounded great and started playing parties to make extra money.   A girl named Mary saw many shows and it turned out she was a classically trained pianist and sometime singer.  She was invited to play and has participated on and off ever since.

The band really had something and got paying gigs to the point where they were playing clubs nearly every weekend throughout all of 2007.  Liquor Box always drew a crowd and a good time was had by all.  The band was invited to play shows and festivals and played out every chance they got.

In 2008 they decided to make a record, scraped up the money themselves, and went into Electropolis Studios in North Hollywood California to knock it out.  The result is :  Guilty Treasures, which accurately captures the whole point of the band and the record, that is:  great songs, pure fun to play and listen to, with style, wit, and power, by musicians who can really play.

Producer Michael Albarian put it all together and made it happen for them.  Albarian says, “these guys, and lady, are great.  They take the music and playing very seriously, but it’s all in the name of fun.  They are a blast to be around”.  He adds, “I basically just recorded their live set and tried to capture the power and strength of it without losing the wit and charm and comedy.  You’ll see what I mean”.  And, “The record is packed with 16 great songs and it rocks from beginning to end.  It’s great party music, it’s great driving music, and it puts a smile on your face and stomp in your foot with every track.  The personality of the band really comes through.”

They’re still playing clubs and shows whenever possible, still in various bands, and who knows what will happen with “Guilty Treasures”, but for now, they’re just playing hard and having fun.

Lead singer Ty Webb says, “You gotta hear this CD, I guarantee you haven’t heard anything like it, but it will feel like you have”.
The band is:
Ty Webb: Lead Vocals, Guitars
Morgan Stanley: Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Mary Lynch: Keyboards, Vocals
Guy Gadois: Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Dick Standen: Bass Guitar

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